BOPTN (2013)

Penelitian dari Peneliti Indonesia yang didanai oleh BOPTN tahun 2013 (Sumber DIKTI Kementrian Pendididikan dan Kebudayaan RI)
Tahun Nama Peneliti Judul Penelitian Sumber Dana
2013 Dr. Herdhata Agusta / A02 Performances of several legumes for water conservation in oil palm with different slopes around Harapan Rainforest Jambi Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Tania June / A03 Forest land transformation to oil palm: implications on micro climate, evapotranspiration, and regional carbon budget Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Akhmad Faqih / A03 Projection on the changes of diurnal and non-seasonal rainfall in Jambi based on climate change scenario of Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Dra. Nisa Rachmania, M.Si. / B02 Review on diversity of fungal growth and pathogenicity inhibiting bacteria and their utilization as bio-fungicide in oil palm nursery Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Ulfah Juniarti / B03 Status and Population Genetics of Two Dyera Species (Jelutung) in Jambi Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Prof. I Nengah Surati Jaya / B05 Development of Geospatial method for intermediate resolution of biomass map based on terrestrial data and satellite image Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Yohana C. Sulisyaningsih / B06 Analysis of secretory structure and phytochemistry of medicinal plants in jungle rubber around Bukit Duabelas National Park Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Ir. Pudjianto, M.Si. / B09 Impact of habitat transformation on degradation of ecosystem services: Ant responses on land use change in Jambi Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Soeryo Adiwibowo / C02: Collaborative natural resource management for agrarian conflict resolution Dana BOPTN DIKTI
2013 Dr. Sofyan Sjaf / C03 Study on gender responsive income accessibility and food availability in Suku Anak Dalam community around Harapan Rainforest Jambi   Dana BOPTN DIKTI

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